Course Overview

1083 Yana, Kisarazu,
Chiba, 292-8565 Japan

Striving for Excellence!

To cultivate human resources who are able to be active internationally

The world we live in is changing day by day, and with the introduction of new technology, our concept of time and distance is also changing. Furthermore the speed at which the world is changing is accelerating. New values are coming into being, and more and more we are finding that conventional methods are becoming out of date. We have to progress on a daily basis to keep ahead of the times. On the other hand, whatever large changes our society makes, we have a universal code of conduct which we should not lose sight of. So in the face of drastic change, it is very important for us to have a strong foundation of values and ethics to deal with these changes calmly. In the Astra International Course of Gyosei International School, we try to cultivate internationally minded students who are able to do this and become valuable assets in our rapidly globalizing society.

How is it possible to develop such human resources?

In the Astra International Course we think that human development will be realized by our unique football coaching and language education. Soccer, which is the most famous sport in the world, definitely shows our students the importance of a sound body, a sense of purpose, a spirit of challenge and competition, politeness, cooperativeness, and originality and ingenuity. And it effectively helps students to grow physically and mentally. And language education surely makes students find the significance of repeated practice and making steady efforts. In Gyosei International School, especially, we place importance on language education. There are two English classes almost every day. And in charge of those classes are Japanese English teachers, and foreign English teachers. Students learn English grammar and reading-related skills from the Japanese staff, and natural and communicative English from the native staff. We are convinced that through soccer and language education in the Astra International Course students are ready to communicate with people all over the world and be active domestically and internationally.