1083 Yana, Kisarazu,
Chiba, 292-8565 Japan

The Astra International Course also has a dormitory, a dining room, a football ground with artificial turf and light fixtures necessary for nighttime practice.

The Dormitory, Dining Room and Other Facilities

In the dormitory, coaches and staff live with students under the same roof, and guide and aid them in their everyday activities. Experts in nutrition provide them with a well-balanced diet which meets all the student’s athletic and academic needs. And to relieve their fatigue, students can enjoy our large bath, capable of holding fifty people. In the clubhouse near the dormitory, there is a small gym, where students can work with the weight training equipment. The natural surroundings both inside and outside of the Gyosei International School provide an excellent environment for students to run or jog.

A Sports Ground

The ground is surrounded by greenery and created using the latest long pile artificial turf. The football ground consists of one international standard sized pitch (105 meters × 68 meters), a futsal field, and sufficient space to warm up and train. It is also equipped with the spectators’ stand which holds 800 spectators.